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March 1, 2015

Here is what a typical week looks like during DTS.

Saturday & Sunday are free/fun/church days, unless we have meal preps 🙂

We have biblical worldview teaching on Tuesday mornings, which is study to encourage us to make use of our own minds. With this topic we basically learn how to think for ourselves by asking ourselves the question “what do I believe and why?” and “what is truth?”. We also learn about how our choices are a reflection of our beliefs.

Connect times are on Wednesday and Friday, where we connect as a school and talk about the week, what we have been learning and what God has been teaching us. Sometimes we split up into small groups to make it more personal. Sometimes we just have worship as a school:) It’s always something different.

On Thursdays we have intercession with every one one our campus(there are other staff that live here, and there is also a 6 month long bible school called Chronological School of Biblical Studies which is going on currently). What it looks like is we all meet and intercede for a different topic every week, a different person leads it every week with something that is on their heart to pray and intercede for.

We are one month away from outreach! The plane tickets have been bought, and we have been in contact with 4 different locations in The Philippines. Looks like we will be travelling to Manila, and up North from there. We are really excited to go! We will have more details soon!:)

February 5, 2015

Meet some of our students, and what their expectations are for this school 🙂

January 26, 2015
The new DTS started on January 11th and we are going into our third week of teaching! We have 20 students that are between the ages of 18-27; 12 girls, 6 guys, and a married couple (they are 21 & 22 so they fit right in 🙂 ) Our students are so much fun, and ready to learn! It’s incredible! And they are totally ready to impact everyone they come in contact with (they have already started). We (the staff team) have been learning from them, especially from the way that they are constantly willing to serve. It’s awesome.

I have 4 girls that I have “one on ones” with weekly. One on ones are about an hour long and they are meetings with just me and one of the girls. We pray and ask God to lead the conversation. We usually talk about how the week is going, process the lecture topic, talk about what God is doing in our lives, things that are going on at home, or other things that might be distracting them, or anything they want to talk about really. It’s basically a way to disciple the students in a more personal way than just the classroom setting. I love all my girls! Their names are McKenzie, Anna, Kate, and Megan. If you could also be praying for their time here and for our meetings with each other that would be so cool! 🙂

Our first week’s topic of teaching was: Listening to God’s Voice! We were all challenged to ask God 3 questions:
1) God, what do you and I have in common?
2) What do you think or feel about me?
3) What are your plans and purposes for me? (today, this week, near future)

We learned about all the different ways God can speak to us, and also what can hinder us from hearing Him.

Later in the week we asked God what game He wants to play with us, and we all shared what we felt. The game I would play with God is drawing/writing to create a world that is ..well anything we would want it to be! It’s not really a game but it’s something fun that I like to do, so I figured why not do it with Him? 🙂 He’s probably more creative than I am anyway. The students answers were so profound! So much so that I barely wanted to share what game I got with the class! HAHA but I ended up sharing, don’t worry.
Ask God these questions! And see what answers you get, it’s a lot of fun 🙂

For the next week the topic was Evangelism. For that we had teaching for the first 3 days and challenged ourselves by asking “Why do we believe what we believe?” I encourage you to ask yourselves the same! Some beliefs we have are those we have taken on from our churches, our families, our friends. Not to say that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it is good to know WHY we believe what we do.
Then we went and stayed in Hollywood for 3 days. We stayed in a church building and were able to go out and evangelize for most of the time we were there. Hollywood is not as glamorous as you would think. (Well, it’s not as glamorous as I thought, at least). We learned and put to practice all different ways of evangelism; talking to people while shopping, having meals with the homeless, praying for people, straight up preaching on the streets, there are so many different forms of evangelism! We all learned to take the pressure off; get rid of excuses and expectations and be bold with it. It’s what we are called to do! Experiences of sharing Jesus with people shouldn’t be put into a box of either “failures” or “successes”. There is no failure as long as you are being bold and letting God lead you! If someone disagrees with you, rejects you, or even straight up curses you out while you are sharing the love of Jesus with them, it’s all good because it’s not for your glory anyway. (Just make sure you are doing it all out of love and for the right reasons.) We can’t see how it may have impacted them, or if it ‘planted a seed’ in their hearts, or maybe it was even just for YOU to practice your boldness or obedience to God! There are so many possibilities! All we can be sure of is that if we obey God and do what He has called us to do then all things will work out and He will have the glory.

This April-June I will be taking a team of 8 students (4 girls, 2 guys, and the married couple!) to the Philippines! With Elisabeth as my co-leader again 🙂 We are so excited! Right now we are contacting a few different ministries there to see where we are needed, and praying about which locations to go to. From what we’ve heard about the Philippines, we will most definitely be working with kids. I can’t wait. Apparently families there are huge, with around 12 kids.

The way we choose outreach teams is by telling the students all 3 locations. This school will have 3 different teams which will be going to either Kenya, Japan&Thailand, or the Philippines. After we (the staff) revealed the locations to them, they had 3 days to pray and ask God where He wants them to go. The teams actually ended up pretty even. 5 students are going to Kenya, 7 are going to Japan&Thailand, and 8 are coming with us!!! Our team is really awesome. So far we have had one meeting, where we each shared with each other how God put the Philippines on our hearts. We also learned a bit about the Philippines and talked with them a bit about how much the trip will cost (although we don’t have a set budget yet). Priorities right now include connecting with ministries in the Philippines, figuring out definite locations and support raising to buy plane tickets as soon as possible (the longer we wait, the more expensive they get!)

Please be praying for our school as they continue into lecture phase for these next 2 months, that God would totally rock their hearts and minds and that they would really get how much He loves them. And also that they would learn how to deal with things from their past and be able to confront issues! And that they would be willing to continue to be discipled.
Please also pray for our our outreach team. That we would get to know and love and trust each other deeply and that we would have all of our outreach paid off on time for everyone to go!

December 12, 2014

In August, I was a student in a program here called SLAM- which is a 2 week long seminar for leadership & ministry training.
After that and until December, I was a nanny for 2 girls on base from 8:30AM-12:30PM. While I watched them their parents lead the Justice DTS (a DTS focused on human trafficking).

The schools that were running this fall have been sent out for their 3 months of outreach! We sent out teams to Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and China, India and Nepal.

I am a part of the next Winter DTS staff team! We have started preparing for the school, which will start on January 11th and run until June 27th! So far there are 13 students accepted and 6 applications pending. We have not yet decided where our outreach locations will be, but we are praying over a few choices!

October 16, 2014

The fall school quarter started on September 14 and it is exciting! There are 4 different schools running right now. The first is a Transformation Discipleship Training School (TDTS), the second is a Discipleship School with a focus of justice in the context of human trafficking, the third is a DTS with a focus for both guys&girls in skateboarding communities, and the fourth is a Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS). I am not staffing a school this quarter because during their preparation months I was taking my vacation days! (After I had staffed the DTS that ran from January-June).
In August I went through a staff training school which lasted 2 weeks. After that, I started working in the reception office where i now work in the afternoons (from 1:30-5pm). In the mornings (from 8:30-12:30) I babysit 2 girls while their parents teach/lead the DTS that is focused on justice.

Starting this December 1, I join the team of staff that will be leading this upcoming Winter IMPACT DTS! It’s the first IMPACT school that will be running! Our school vision is “you, the city, the world.” We want and need God to impact US first, then the city of LA (and eventually our home cities once we go back), and in doing that, we can impact the world a little bit at a time. We’re so excited and ready to see who God brings and what He does!!!

June 7, 2014
We are back safely from our trip! Click on the ‘Outreach the Costa Rica & Panama’ tab at the top of this page for details, pictures, stories, and videos! 🙂

April 2014

We have been in Costa Rica for about 2 weeks now! It is hot, there are giant moths and spiders and we are all constantly sweaty. But beautiful and lots of green! As for the fruit, its nice and juicy: ) I also learned that mariposa means butterfly in spanish. Who knew?

Some of our team was not feeling so good when we first got here and were sick for a few days, but everyone is well and healthy now! We have a host, his name is Rasta and he is a staff member at YWAM San Jose, which is the base we stayed at for the first week here in Costa Rica.
One night we went with him and brought coffee and bread and cookies to people in a really bad area in the city. We got out of the van and homeless people were swarming us even women with children, it was really sad. Even the little kids like ages 3,4,5 were drinking coffee because they were so cold. While we were handing it out to them we were all praying, you could feel the heaviness of the spiritual atmosphere. Then we ran out of sugar for the coffee, so Rasta told us we had to leave before they would get mad at us and that part was a little scary and abrupt. So we all piled into the van again and drove to a safer area in the city. Then we took some time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit what to speak over the city.

We moved locations after one week. We got to Puerto Viejo (which is a town in Limon..apparently Limon is kinda like a state in Costa Rica) around 3pm on Monday and it is sooooo hotttt, and apparently panama will be hotter, which is hard to imagine right now! haha. Its kinda like a hippie town here and there is a lot of garbage every where and drug deals going on in broad daylight. Its a small town too so you can probably walk around the whole town in 20 minutes and its right on the beach. We got the keys to a church from a pastor, and were gonna be staying there for the next week. There is a toilet in the yard that..well it works lol and there are no showers so we planned to wake up early and bring soap to the beach.



The first night most os us either slept on the stage or on the pews. Then we interceded for the day and for the week, to get a strategy. We don’t really have any “hook ups” here we’re kinda just wingin it and have to come up with our own ministries, so we prayed & interceded for that and then walked around the town as Rasta showed us around and explained some background and some facts and strongholds. For about 4 years now him and his wife have been wanting and praying about starting a YWAM base here in this little town which would be SO awesome cause this is where a bunch of people come from all over the world for ‘vacation’. God told Rasta that ‘Puerto Viejo is a door to reach the nations’ so cool! And so true because literally the whole town is full of people from all over the world. So we decided to just prayer walk it up for Tuesday all day.

Oh by the way a guy named Orlando (he was the best man in Rasta’s wedding) offered us to stay at his house for the week! that means showers and matresses<3 AND coffee! Also- fun fact- the YWAM San Jose base is an ex-coffee factory, and behind the trailers are coffee plants!<3 I just drink it black here cause its wonderful. I'm contemplating cutting back on coffee..I didn't have it one day and my eyes were foggy and/or cloudy and i could barely think or function.. It could also be due to the excessive heat, walking, interaction with others and lack of sufficient food. The investigation will continue..

In the mornings we have team time and we worship & have devotions. We rotate who leads each day and it has been so much fun and I think an awesome way to keep unity in our team. One of the days here in Puerto Viejo we got ready, had team time, packed a lunch and headed to town (only about a half hour walk). When we got there we split up into groups and picked up trash all around the town and the beach while praying over the city and worshiping. It was what we felt God telling us to do when we interceded for the town yesterday. A lot of prayer! To prepare the land. It was a really good time i feel like a YWAM base here is such a good idea, this town really needs consistency. Maybe that's why if all we do is pray for this whole week we are okay with that. Its crazy how much (when you walk around the town) you can almost feel like its "not ready" yet almost as if it needs to be softened and also God's presence totally needs to he invited and the land claimed for Him and all that jazz. So anyway after that we walked home in the sunset!! On the beach!!

On Wednesday we woke up, had breakfast, a team meeting, packed our lunches and left the house we are staying at by 830. We took a taxi 2 towns over whilst jammin to island…jams lol…We helped out at this church..

Okay so basically in this small town there are at least 5 churches but most of them like to keep to themselves..the best way i can explain it is that individual churches want people to get saved AND join their its almost like a battle between churches because they wouldn't want to work together if it means bettering the other church to attract more members than the other..etc..You know what I mean? Just not really any unity in that area and so that is one stronghold we are praying for and have been really working on being an example of unity here because thats already SO much warfare.

Anyway so we helped cleaning this one church to help them get ready for a town festival that will be happening this weekend. The pastor and his wife were super nice and from Jamaica they cut pineapple up for us gave us oranges and they were really funny and nice:) It was nice that we could bless them because what took us 4 hours as a team may have taken them a week or two. We painted the fence around the church, cleaned up the yard from garbage and raked all their yard around the church, bleached the steps outside and swept, mopped, polished the floors inside. Sanded the out side of the church to repaint and cleaned off sticks palm tree leaves and nastiness out of the gutters/roof. Then we went back to the church we were originally supposed to live at, and there was a bible study that started at 5 which one of the students (Carolin) led with John 15..our team was there and only two others from the town. Its sad to see churches with only 5 -10 members each and none will associate with the other you know? Almost like the point of fellowship and community is being missed but this is such a perfect town to have that!! Because its so small lol seriously we see the same people a bunch and don't even need a phone cause we will most likely run into whoever we need to get a hold of before we need to get a hold of them. Anyway thats why its such an awesome place for the church to step up and to be that sense of community! SO that is what we have been praying for. I think it would be awesome.

We walked home on the beach again around 630pm. As I write this its raining hard and i cant wait to sleep to the sound of it:)

Late February-March 2014


Two weeks until we are all off to different countries! I am co-leading with Elisabeth-fun fact: Elisabeth actually lead my trip to Kenya for my outreach during my DTS, and now we are co-leading a team together(:

Our team will be leaving for Costa Rica on March 31 (the tickets have been bought!) And we will stay there a month, and then head to Panama for a month (: While on outreach we will be partnering with long term missionaries and their ministries. Some ministries we will
most likely be a part of are:

Homes of Hope (building homes for families in need), VBS (games, crafts, bible stories for children), Bible distribution (the goal is for every home in Costa Rica to own a bible!), Freedom Streets (going to the red light district and building relationship with,praying for, and loving women and children who are trafficked every day), Boys home (teaching and playing soccer at an all boy school ages 11-18), Orphanage (teaching, playing, dancing, cooking, and helping anywhere we are needed-this particular orphanage are kids aged 6-16), Niños con cancer (Kids with cancer) (going to a hospital specifically for kids with cancer. We will be doing dances, dramas,praying for them, singing songs, doing crafts, anything to make them smile and feel loved.), Prison Ministry (going into the men and women’s prisons and talking with them about the love of Christ.)

There are a bunch of other ministry opportunities, and also some that we don’t even know of right now might come up for us to be apart of while we are there. We will be staying at YWAM bases in both Costa Rica and Panama, and while we are there we will be cleaning, cooking, and helping out around the campus. We just want to go into these countries, partner with existing and long term missionaries, and serve wherever we can.

There is a lot to do to prepare and a lot of details! But it is very exciting. Please pray for continued team unity. Our team of 9 (including the leaders) has went down to 8, as one of our team members went home last week and will not be coming with us on outreach ): So please be praying for her in this time while she is home with family and friends! And please also be praying for our team to continue to get more and more of God’s heart for the countries! And also for finances for our whole team, for all of that to just come in like crazy so no one will be left behind! As of right now our team still owes about $7,000.

This past month and a half we had speakers come from all over, who spoke on the importance of knowing your identity. One really awesome verse I like to connect to who we are in Christ is:

1 Peter 2:9
” But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,a dedicated nation, God’s own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.”

It’s all in there- who we are and what we are called to do and what He did for us!
We also learned about how God created us for relationship, how we are here to love everyone like crazy. We are God’s representatives, and God is love. In the bible it says the world will know we are His by the love we have for one another. It connects to identity so much, because how can you love someone, anyone else if you don’t first have a solid identity? We are called to love others as we love ourselves-the biggest reason that is so hard to do is that we don’t even love ourselves.
Learning to love family and friends who have hurt you is sometimes the toughest area. How can we love the world if we can’t even love those closest to us?

We had a speaker talk about what it looks like to be in missions. Our calling (as followers of Jesus) is for us to spread the gospel to everyone. Matthew 28 says we have all the authority and we are called to all the world. Being a missionary doesn’t necessarily have to mean living in a foreign country and leaving everything and being poor and wearing old clothes. It doesn’t even need to be in a different country, or area. The word missionary is actually not anywhere in the bible. It is a concept found in the bible (same with the trinity). The word missionary means “one who is sent by God”. Every Christian should be ‘missionaries’-because you should be sent by God wherever you go. And we have already been commissioned (sent) out to preach the gospel. The question is- where is it that God wants to send you? Are you bold enough to ask and obey?

Our heart/passion should somehow be involved in missions.
We were created with a purpose BEYOND salvation. We are encouraged to dream BIG. The plans God has for you are not small. Your calling will be way to dream big with God is to ask yourself – what dreams did I have before fear got in the way?

We had a speaker teach on the Father heart of God. We read through the book of John and got to know Jesus. Jesus and the way He lived was a complete representation of the Father. He did nothing without asking God first, and everything He did was for God’s glory. In John 17:3-4 Jesus says, “Now this is eternal: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” Jesus brought maximum glory for God by completing all things His Father told Him to do. That is why the last thing Jesus said before he died was “It is finished.” He was referring to the work that the Father had sent him to earth to complete.

We heard lectures by Dean Sherman on spiritual warfare, and went through and did an inductive bible study on Ephesians. Our school learned how spiritual warfare is an everyday battle. One way to fight against the enemy is to be real, not religious. Be open if you are struggling or if you have struggled and it is something that holds you back, the enemy wants you to believe that by being vulnerable things will get worse when in reality it brings so much freedom. If you’re not real you lose authority- KNOW who you are in Christ (there’s that identity again). The enemy knows that if he can mess with your thought life, what you do here on earth will be less effective. Everything you do is warfare. Watch carefully the way you react to things- Release the spirit of God through your lifestyle!
CONSTANTLY walk in the opposite spirit of what you’ve been freed from! If you’ve been freed from anger walk in peace, if you’ve been freed from from fear walk in boldness, if you’ve been freed from doubt walk in faith, and always walk in love! Love is our strongest weapon.

John 1:5 -“And the light shines in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it.”

Thank you so much for being a part of all of this!

January-early February 2014

Winter DTS 2014 Staff
Winter DTS 2014 Staff

Living in community has been interesting. To be honest sometimes it is hard to find ‘alone time’ on the campus. But it always seems to work out somehow haha. I live in a house with five other girls, all of them are honestly awesome, and one of them I share a room with. We all only have one bathroom to share but so far so good! haha : )
The DTS students arrived on January 5th and so far it has been an amazing couple of weeks getting to know them! Being on the ‘other side’ (as a staff) to a DTS has been amazing, encouraging, convicting, and busy! Even just in these past few weeks the students have already grown so much and their perspectives on who God is has been changing right before our eyes. Their passion for the Lord and His calling on their lives as grown tremendously and they have so much joy because of it. I have 3 girls who I specifically mentor and disciple. I meet with each of them once a week to hear how they are doing overall, to listen to them about what they have personally been learning and experiencing, helping them through any struggles, and to be there for them in any other way that they might need.
But it’s not just them! I have grown so much and am learning right along with them. Just the fact that they see my everyday lifestyle as an example has me in constant check about my words, thoughts, and actions. Also re-learning to break out of the habit of putting God (or at least what who we think He is) in a box. He is so much bigger, greater, so much more colorful, than our minds can fathom.
This upcoming week’s lecture will be on the Holy Spirit, where we will all most likely be mind blown at the power, presence and purpose of the Holy Spirit. The other topics for lecture continuing into the month of February are: Identity, Relationships, Spiritual warfare, and Missions.
It is such an honor to be here and to be growing more and more! Please keep me and the whole staff team in your prayers, for wisdom, joy, discernment, humility and increasing passion as we lead, model by lifestyle, and disciple the students in this school.

The students and staff are going to be leaving for outreach on the first day of April. The outreach locations are Kenya, Brasil, and Costa Rica/Panama. The team I will be co-leading is to Costa Rica and Panama 🙂 On our team there are 5 girls, and 2 boys. We have been in contact with the YWAM base in both Costa Rica, as well as the YWAM base in Panama. So far the minstries we have a chance to be part of are: teaching English, working with kids who have been rescued out of sex trafficking, building homes, ministering at nursing homes, helping lead classes about the gospel at an all boys school, and teaching in public schools (the leaders of the school have openly welcomed and encouraged us to preach the gospel to the kids!). We will be staying on the YWAM campus in Costa Rica for all of April, and then travel to the YWAM campus in Panama for the Month of May, and will be returning to L.A. early in June. Please keep our team in your prayers as we continue to grow and bond as a team and learn to pray and love each other in all situations!



All the new staff who came to serve at the YWAM LA campus in November, 2013
All the new staff who came to serve at the YWAM LA campus in November, 2013

I’m back at the YWAM base in Los Angeles, California, this time as a staff member. I arrived here mid-November and right now I am going through staff training. This past week we learned that the word ‘ministry’ is interchangeable with the word ‘service’. Ministry is every day; it’s how you live, and how you love others through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We all have a ministry!
To be on staff here means that I will be living on base, and given daily responsibilities to help run the base wherever they can use me; as a receptionist, a writer for our newsletter, staffing summer programs, a worship leader, a cook for the base, in the communication department, staffing a school such as a DTS, or anywhere I am needed. I have made a 2-year commitment here as a staff member so, God willing, I will be living and serving here for the next 2 years!
For this coming January I am a part of a team that will be staffing the Winter Transformation Discipleship Training School (TDTS), which is exactly the same school that I graduated from this past summer. However, this year, I will be discipling and teaching the students during their time here, and of course, I am more than sure that I will be learning and growing alongside them. In the summer, after they have completed their 3 months of lecture, I will also be planning and leading a team of students overseas for 2 and a half months for their outreach phase. I am SO excited to be on the other end of this school and to be able to see God move in the lives of the students who will be coming here, and also to experience this next part of my life that God is calling me to!
To live here on base will cost me $600 a month. This includes housing, food, laundry facilities, and living expenses. It will also cover my fees for traveling overseas if and when I am leading a team! I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting me financially in what I will be doing here at YWAM over the next 2 years. If you are able to give just a one-time donation, or if you are able to support me monthly with any amount, I would be so grateful.
Whether or not you are able to support me financially at this time, could please be praying for my time here? As well as for the other staff members, the community around us, the students that will be going through the schools here, and for the countries that we travel to. Thank you so much for being a part of what God is doing in my life, on the base, in the lives of students and everyone who we are partnering with and ministering to!


JULY 2013
Greetings from LA! I’ve been back from Kenya for about three weeks now, safe and feeling accomplished and totally blessed. Our team has just been debriefing and processing our outreach time with the other teams that were in China and Thailand. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you once again for your prayers and financial support. I am SO thankful for every little bit of support! God is so cool!! Okay so in Kenya our team stayed in the poorest area of the poorest town in all of Kenya. The name of the town is Mbita. We stayed on a base called SEEK (Suba Environmental Education of Kenya). On this base they conserve wildlife and nature, provide jobs for widows, help in funding children so they are able to attend schooling past the elementary years, and just in general are a huge impact and example of Christ in their area and in surrounding areas. During our 2 and a half months in Kenya our team became extremely close, to the point where now we are all literally like brothers and sisters- praying for each other, worshipping together, fighting, confronting, loving, joking, seeing each other at our worst points (physically, spiritually, emotionally). It’s awesome to have people who have seen it all, and been through it all with you and STILL love you. So that’s just one thing (of the many thousands) that God has blessed me with from the outcome of this trip. While we were there we were constantly on the go! On Fridays, we would go to the elementary school and we each taught a class. I had grade 6, and it was so much fun, this ministry was one of my favorites. One of the best thing about teaching in Kenya is that you can not only freely teach about God, but the schools actually expect it. The kids LOVE singing and dancing! We would always open up and end class in prayer. I told bible stories, taught on the character and nature of God, and on gifts and talents, and on the importance of a relationship with God. On weekends, we took overnight trips to surrounding towns where we would partner with the pastor of the town to host “revival services”; from morning to night we would lead worship and a few of us would speak, then we would camp out at the church and in the morning lead the church service in worship and sermons and also perform some skits. On most weekends, we would go to people’s homes and just talk to them, ask them if they wanted prayer for anything. Kenyans are SO friendly, welcoming and hospitable and really have servant hearts, it’s amazing. Most people in Kenya claim to be Christians, so the kids and families are used to praying and talking about God. However, most of them seem very jaded, almost like their faith is dormant, and even pastors in the surrounding areas are constantly praying for revival. On Tuesdays, we would visit a small fishing village called Koguna, which is right at the edge of the lake and probably about 40 families live there. Just our team walking through the village would attract all of the children, the would all scream “mizungu!” which means white man haha, and come running. We would bring jump ropes and soccer balls and play with them for a while, and then gather them all for a story and a lesson. This was another favorite ministry of mine. Parents would come with their small babies, around 8 months old and just leave them lying in the grass for their older siblings (3, 4 years old) to take care of for the day-SO crazy! On Thursdays we went to the nearby hospital and prayed for those who had AIDS, spoke a bit to them and would ask if anyone wanted prayer. After a few times of us being there they became more comfortable with us and actually started asking for prayer, we also saw many salvations which was AWESOME! We then would also go to the maternity ward, the pediatrics, and the men’s and women’s areas to ask the patients if they wanted prayer. Many people have malaria, mostly children and babies. One of the times in the hospital I was praying for this small boy, around 9 years old, because he called me over and asked me to. I held his little hand and it was so warm, and his arms were so thin. As I was praying for his health to be restored so that he could run and play again and have joy, he agreed with me and said, “yes, God”. All through out the rest of the prayer, he did that and it was so genuine and in such a tiny voice, it really impacted me, the fact that this boy was so sick, and had been for quite a while and just wanted to be able to play again, and still had so much faith. Most of the other patients were very receptive right from the start, and the hospital ministry was definitely something we all as a team looked forward to doing. On other days we helped plow a field for a widow named Helen. One of our leaders, Bob, is a long term missionary in Kenya. He has been living there for almost a year now and plans to be there for a while. Bob has a ministry called ‘Dare to Dream’. He works with widows, small business owners, and families by providing discipleship, microloans and education. It’s a pretty amazing ministry actually. You can check it out at So anyway we were helping him out with his ministry in plowing Helen’s field for her. What took our team of eight 3 full work days might have taken her weeks, so- even though there may have been a lot of sweating, blisters, maybe some threats.. and joking around- we were all really happy to have blessed her in that way:) One of the main things we accomplished in Kenya was building the aqua-ponix system. The aqua-ponix system is used to grow fruits and vegetables, to feed those who have a hard time providing for their families. If you want to know more about how it actually works, ask me about it and I’ll let you know! Our team pioneered this system out of YWAM and built one of these systems for a widow named Mary Moraa. More than just building this system for her we really built a relationship with her over our time in Kenya. She is SUCH a wonderful woman, who has nothing but her home and family, and is so welcoming, loving, funny and a woman after God’s heart. She has such an incredible testimony and has been through so much more than any of us could have ever imagined- from her husband and children being killed, to getting literally thrown (with her belongings) out of multiple homes, to others abusing her, to literally living off of nothing, all while trying to protect and provide for the children she still had. Through it all she continued to praise God and love him with all that she had. She is such a selfless and giving woman. God had told her where he wanted her to move to after all this had happened and she thought it was crazy, because she knew no one in that area, but she moved there anyway. She built a house out of sticks and tin about the size of a standard American living room. Turns out that where she moved is right next to the SEEK base, where we were staying. And a God had a woman from the base go over to Mary’s to meet her, and workers on the base have been building a relationship with Mary ever since. God sent a team to Kenya about two years ago to build Mary an actual home (which is so beautiful), and then he sent us there to build her a system to provide for her and her family’s physically needs, so it was so incredibly honoring to be a part of what God has been doing in this Her and her family’s lives. Our entire time in Kenya was physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting, but it was so worth it and I would do it all over again. I now UNDERSTAND that God’s love is unconditonal, that He needs to be my only option, and that His joy is my strength. I have grown to know God as a Father, and have learned that I need to be open with others, and be able to have a vulnerable confidence in God. I have a new perspective on what having a relationship with god really looks like and I have so much more patience and endurance and an understanding of my calling. Thank you soooooooooooo much for supporting and contributing to what God has done in my life! This experience was the most life transforming experience I could have ever imagined. Right now I’m staffing a 2 week school called infusion, which is a mini version of a DTS for high school students- it’s so exciting! Once this school is finished, i’ll be home and I am praying about staffing a DTS either here in LA or going to another YWAM base.

MAY 2013
Hello from Kenya!
Quick update being that it’s very difficult to get internet and when we
have it, it can’t be for too long:) Everything is going great here,
safe arrival and everyone is healthy. The team unity is also very
strong which is very important. We’v been here a little over 2 weeks
and so far have taught at schools, been to small villages praying with
people who want it and playing with the children, we helped coach an
all girl football (soccer) team, a team that focuses on showing women
that they have worth and purpose and helps them with school fees, and
we’ve been speaking at churches and experienced “Kenyan style worship”
which is intense haha but really awesome. We also plowed a field for
widow by hand which was intense!
We’re staying in a town called Mbita, which is the poorest town in the
poorest province of Kenya. There are so many different things that people here want prayer
for and they are very receptive, but there is a feeling of apathy,
being that most people are Christians here, there is a lack of fire so
we are praying and interceding for an amazing revival in this town. God
is also working in me personally and still teaching me things I didn’t
even know I had to learn. I also preached a sermon at a church last
Sunday! and I liked it! 🙂 haha.
I will also be teaching youth about different topics during the
next 4 weeks (depending on what God puts on my heart for them) so
please keep me in your prayers for that!Please pray for continued
safety, health, unity, boldness, and joy in our team. Thank you for
helping me get here and for being a part of this HUGE part of my life.

MARCH 2013

Just wanted to update on my time here, as I’m getting ready to leave for Kenya! We will be leaving the base on March 31 and coming back June 8! I am SO excited! We all are! In this past month I’ve had teachings on identity, the Father heart of God, the power of the cross, and missions. AND WOW. I’ve learned SO MUCH.

When I found out it was identity week, I thought that I wouldn’t really have much to change, because I know who I am and am content with myself. But I learned how much deeper it goes than what I originally thought. I learned that I need to realize I am completely and absolutely accepted by God. That nothing I , or anyone does can increase or decrease that love and acceptance. It seems like such a simple concept but it blew my mind when I really thought about it and soaked it all in. There are so many strongholds that are so deeply etched into our minds that they govern our entire thinking process, and those need to be demolished and replaced with the truth of what God says and thinks. I also learned how important it is to constantly ask myself : who is it that I want to become, what is keeping me from becoming those things, and what do I have to do to make it happen? For this particular time in my life I know that who I want to be is a woman who is courageous, kind, wise, strong, open, and humble. The main things in my life that were/are keeping me from being that woman is my fear of man, my pride, and not choosing to spend my time wisely. So I have been working on talking, being more open, praying more, seeking God, and asking questions. The week we learned about the power of the cross was so intense.Once again, I did not at all think that it was going to be an interesting or helpful topic. By now I should just know that whenever I think that, my world is about to be flipped, torn apart, and built back up by God haha. During Father heart of God week I had so many revelations about why I am the way I am. And being around my team who supports and loves me has been so helpful and awesome as I change into the woman God has originally created me to be. Now as we’re preparing for our trip to Kenya, all the things we’ve learned are coming together and my team and I are so excited. We will be teaming up and working with an organization that is already there. We will be educating families on how to be successful business owners teaching them about hydro-ponics which is an easier, cheaper, more effective way of growing vegetables and fruit than just in the ground. Mostly everyday while we are there we will also be teaching, playing with, loving, worshiping with, and feeding 350-500 children who are either orphans, have broken families, and/or most likely no father figure in their lives. There is also opportunity for us to bless a widow in the community and helping build her home and help her out while we are there in any way she needs it. I cannot wait to go and live among all these people and really even learn from their culture and way of living. I have no idea what I am going to learn and experience BUT WOW I am super pumped! As of now I have about $1,200 towards my outreach, the total amount I need is around 3,700 which would include the plane ticket, shots I need before I go, our food and shelter while we are there. So, of course I am coming to you and asking if you would be able to support me in any way towards my outreach, any thing helps me get closer to that overall amount 🙂 You can go on and donate to me personally, or you can send a check me the YWAM LA base. My address here is 11141 Osborne Street, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342. And thank you SO MUCH for having me in your thoughts and prayers for the rest of my time here and for safety as I go out to Kenya. Thank you for being apart of everything that has been going on over here, and everything that will be going on in Kenya! I hope you’re as excited as I am because it’s going to be AWESOME! If you have any questions or want to talk about anything, give me a call or email me!:) Thanks a million.


Update on my time here at YWAM LA! First of all, God provided over $2,000 for me in the first 2 weeks of YWAM, how incredible is that!? I mean yeah, of course I had (have) faith that he would provide! But it’s still just awesome to recognize and look back on.
I realize now that upon coming here I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A month ago I could not even have imagined what I would experience, how close I would grow to the people here,all that I have been learning, and all that God has been revealing to me.
When I was first walking into my house to meet all the girls I was expecting it to be the typical cordial “hi, nice to meet you” until we really got the chance to know each other over the course of a few weeks. But, of course, I was wrong. Within a matter of hours we were all talking and laughing, and over night all through the next day we became closer. And not only with the girls, once we met the guys we all bonded so easily as well, it’s been so amazing. It all happened so quickly but that’s how it is here- because our passion as a whole is chasing after God’s heart, so there is so much to talk, open up, and be real about. And because of that, the environment here feels safe, encouraging and enriching.
We all have work duties- landscaping, maintenance, nannying, kitchen clean up, etc. My work duty everyday is preparing dinner for all 120-ish people on the base- (funny because I can’t cook!) haha…but I have been learning!:) and it’s so much fun!
Our DTS group is made up of 23 people. In our free time we’ve been laughing, hiking, worshiping, taking walks, getting closer. Leaders have spoken over our group that we are going to be rooted in “first love”, meaning that we will all have that fresh start and feeling of first love for God, and that will be our team’s foundation. They have also prophesied that our team is going to be like a family, and it obviously already seems that way. There is not one of us that does not get along with another, and when one is missing we all notice. I wish you could see what I mean! I have never experienced anything like it. Everyone here is so open and real, an awesome environment for growth:)
I have been here for a little over a month now, and it has been absolutely amazing. So far we have had week long lectures learning about listening to God, the character and nature of God, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, and this week we are starting on identity. God is revealing himself more and more to me and our whole team here every single week. It’s so awesome.
The first week we learned about hearing the voice of God. Not necessarily learning what God’s voice sounds like, considering he speaks to all of us in many different ways. We can hear from him through worship, what others say or do, our feelings, creation, art, dance, prophecy, songs, through anything. God has no limits. We learned about the different things in our lives that might hold us back from hearing him. A lot of times what blocks us from hearing him is our own plan- not that we shouldn’t make plans, but that we need to commit and submit our own plans to God.
We need to hold every thought captive and dedicate our thoughts to God. And once we have heard from him, we need to listen- to obey. We need to constantly be moving forward! But how can we go to the next task God gives us if we have not yet completed the first? Ask yourself what is the last thing God spoke to you about, and have you done that yet?
Other things that could hinder us from hearing his voice are: Unbelief (1 John 5:10), a lack of love for others, an underdeveloped spirit- because when you reach a plateau and are stagnant you are putting God in a box and hindering him from working in your life (Matthew 24),pride, disobedience, fear of man, unconfessed sin, and unforgiveness. I have learned that we need to forgive even if you don’t feel like it-just speaking it out creates a shift in spiritual warfare. So pray anyway and forgive, every day if you need to, until that hindrance is gone. Basically, if you are having trouble hearing God, go back to the source of the problem: pinpoint where it was that you started to go downhill, and attack that stronghold in your life. Satan does have power- But we have power and authority, given to us by God himself!
The first week I personally learned that everything I do should be only for God’s glory. That might be “obvious” but REALLY think about it. How many things I do/ have done out of selfish intent? I can’t get over God’s grace. His overflowing, overwhelming, abounding, permeating, indescribable grace. And also- through the book of Hosea- he will always, ALWAYS, pursue us.
Throughout the weeks of spiritual warfare, the character and nature of God, and learning about the Holy Spirit, there are so many things God has revealed to me. He has spoken to me personally as well as through others-and it’s so overwhelming, in a good way I have learned that areas in my life I struggle with could be strong holds that the enemy has on my life- that when we all come into this world the devil knows what potential you have and he tries everything in his power to keep you away from being and doing all that God has created you for. But we all have been given the authority to rebuke those strong holds and to walk in what God originally had planned for us all along.
We also found out our outreach locations! There are teams going out to China, Kenya, and Thailand.I came here with the intention of going to Thailand if that was an option, but apparently God had other plans..of course haha. He wants me in Kenya! So I will be leaving to go there the first week of April, until the second week of June! The Kenya team is made up of 8 of us, plus our leader. We will be going in and teaming up with an organization where we will be supporting and partnering with the long term missionaries there, helping in business education for adults, working in orphanages, ministering to churches, and being available and open to what ever else God has for us while we are there. We are all so excited and are praying for God to give us his heart for Kenya !
I just wanted to say thank you so much again and to tell you how blessed i am for you supporting me coming here. Please continue to pray! For me as well as my team. For the rest of our time here, for God to provide financially for all of us, and for protection as we go out on outreach! I am praying for you guys as well and thank God for all of you!
Loving you all and am SO thankful that you are a part of all that I am learning and experiencing.


I’m so excited to be able to share with you the exciting opportunity that God has placed in my life! For about three years now, I have been contemplating what to do next in my life. After much prayer, I feel that God has called me to be involved in Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Los Angelos, California. God has already begun to work in my life in order to make a way for this to be possible for me in ways that amaze me, and I was recently accepted to the Transformation (DTS) for the upcoming winter session, beginning January 13, 2013 and ending June 30, 2013.

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) is an international and interdenominational movement of Christians dedicated to presenting Jesus in a personal way to this generation, as well as training, equipping, and mobilizing believers for their part in fulfilling the great commission. DTS is offered in many nations and languages and is a unique opportunity, which aims to better equip Christians to serve others in everything from agriculture and health care, to drug rehabilitation and biblical counseling. This is my passion! Nothing else has ever made more sense in my life. I want to be spiritually, physically, mentally and socially equipped to share with others. I want God to invade my heart, I want to be filled with his presence so much that it overflows to those around me. I want him to use me in the lives of others and for His glory! And I believe He is giving me this opportunity to grow and be spiritually challenged. I am so excited to learn from and about God in this way.
DTS is a six month program. The first three months are called the lecture phase. The emphasis of this phase is getting to know God better, His character and His will, intercession and worship, and God’s heart for the lost, as well as focusing on building a stronger and deeper relationship with God and discovering new opportunities to work with Him. The last three months will involve putting what I learn into action! This is called the outreach phase and entails going on an outreach to another country. Everything we learn about and do will be specifically geared towards God’s heart for the extremely impoverished, and will include so many experiences that I can’t even imagine yet! The outreach destination has not been determined yet, but I will keep you updated with that information as I receive it.
You are receiving this letter because you have been an intricate part in my life and my growth. The most important thing that you can do for me as family and friends is to pray for me as I go through this transition in my life. I need prayer for wisdom, discernment, protection, direction, and for God to transform my life! I know that there is power in prayer, and I appreciate you taking the time to help me in this way!
Another prayer concern is for financial support for the program. I will be raising my own support for this DTS. I ask that you would prayerfully consider giving towards my trip, and if you cannot afford it financially, please be in prayer for me as I raise support. Because the outreach location has not been determined I do not have a fixed amount, but the approximate price of the six month program in total is $7,500. If you would like to be a part of my time at YWAM financially you can make checks out to me personally or for a tax deduction you can make it out to Gospel Missions Corps.
I am so thankful for this privilege to grow, reach others, serve the Lord, and learn about Him in many new ways. I want to thank you in advance for your prayer and any financial gift you may feel led to give. Please feel free to call me or email me anytime with questions, concerns, or just to talk about my decision. Thanks so much for everything!

“Because the Sovereign Lord helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore, I have set my face like a stone, determined to do his will. And I know that I will not be put to shame. ” Isaiah 50:7


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